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Music Fests & An Interview with Paul Phillips

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Interview with Paul Phillips

Pictured: Paul Phillips in BIEBER BLOWS T-SHIRT (Right) & Kirsten Harwood in JOHNNY CASH T-SHIRT (Left) 

We caught up with Jax Beach rock royalty Paul Phillips of Rev Theory (formerly with Puddle of Mudd) to get his take as a performer on music festivals. Then and now.

CC: As a performing musician at music festivals can you tell us both a positive and a negative to playing festivals?

Paul Phillips: Well, the best thing is obviously the bigger crowds. Anytime, you have that many bands...you have that synergy effect and people show up in massive numbers. The down side for me is that you lose some intimacy playing outdoors. There is something cool about being indoors with your own lighting. It's kind of a different vibe. As an artist I enjoy having control of all aspects.

CC: Why have festivals become so much more popular in recent years in your opinion?

Paul Phillips: Well, they've been huge in Europe for years!!! Reading, Leeds, Download, Monsters of Rock!!! We just haven't had them here until recently on that scale. I think it is just an experience. It is more of an event than just the bands.

CC: How have festivals changed over the years in your opinion?

Paul Phillips: Well, they have definitely gotten bigger. There used to just be radio festivals. Now they are 2-3 day events with way more bands.

CC: As someone who has accomplished so much in the music business, what was your most “star struck” moment at a festival? Someone you met or played with?

Paul Phillips: Dimebag from Pantera was huge!!! He was such an amazing guitarist and person. I actually rode in his limo after the show in Dallas and went to him and Vinnie Paul's strip club. He was just immediately that cool to me.

CC: Craziest story you can share that happened at a festival?

Paul Phillips: Seeing someone in a wheelchair crowd surfing is always up there. I've seen that a few times now.

CC: Care to comment on the report that Bieber was escorted out of this year’s Coachella festival?

Paul Phillips: Yes!!! Fantastic!!!

CC: Best festival you ever played? Best festival you ever attended as a fan?

Paul Phillips: The Highfield festival in Germany was the best I played and this year’s Welcome to Rockville was huge as a fan.


We’re old as hell. Well, those of us who attended the first Vans® Warped Tour in 1995 are getting there anyway.

The 2015 Vans® Warped Tour has come and gone but, waxing nostalgic as we celebrate Carribbean Connection’s silver anniversary this year, we wanted to take a glimpse back into the beginning years of this long, hot, wild day every year.

Some cool facts:

  • Fireworks are now permanently banned from the festival after a security dude for Green Day blew his fingers (plural) off in 2000.
  • In Myspace’s (yes, MYSPACE) first year at the tour… 2003…, they couldn’t afford a $100 VIP table. Yeah.
  • It has rained nearly every year for all of the Florida stops. Hot, wet, fun mess.

  • During the tour in 1997, Sugar Ray was selling 70,000 records a week. You can stop laughing now.
  • Sublime was asked to leave the first tour after they broke the only two rules. No dogs and no friends. They apparently did NOT want Lou Dog inside the Van.


For most of us, music festivals have been a rite of passage. A time to release our cares and worries. Thankfully, the 904 has kept a pretty decent stream of music fed our way.

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