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The Body Piercing Studio at Carribbean Connection was established in 1995. We were the first piercing shop in Jacksonville Beach and more than twenty-five years later, we remain the most respected and trusted shop in the area. From the very beginning, we set very high standards and have continued to live up to our sterling reputation through each and every interaction with our customers.

We strive to provide the cleanest, safest, most sterile, and friendly environment for our customers. Our piercers have worked closely with the Florida Department of Health to assist in setting standards that are now health regulations mandated by the State of Florida.

We stand by the professionalism of both our piercers as well as our knowledgeable staff as they assist you in choosing from North Florida's largest selection of body jewelry! Whether it's for a fresh piercing, a jewelry purchase, or simply just a consultation, we can assure you your first visit to Carribbean Connection won't be your last.

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Meet Our Piercers

Lead Piercer: Kelly Buscher

Hey! My name is Kelly and I’m a native here in Jacksonville FL. I graduated from Terry Parker in 2012 and shortly after that I found my passion for body piercing. Over the years, my main goal is to make sure that every piercing is done as safely, quickly and painless as possible; I continue to strive and learn new techniques everyday making this possible.

Nothing makes my heart more happy than the smile on a persons face right after they see their piercing. In my spare time, I love to watch live music. Doesn’t matter what genre is playing, as long as it’s good.

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Kelly Buscher|@piercings.by.kelly

Piercing Apprentice: Lily

I graduated from Paxon SAS in 2016 and began my piercing apprenticeship here at Carribbean Connection in July 2021, but I’ve been an avid body art enthusiast for nearly a decade.

Enamored with both personal expression and the refinement of a craft, I found my niche in piercing and I’m eager to help foster continued growth of the industry by promoting safe practices and staying up to date with current knowledge.

My goal is to make each piercing procedure as swift and painless as possible, and work with clients to curate the body art of their hearts’ desires in an inclusive and compassionate environment. 

Lily Krumenacker Carribbean Connection
Amanda Belle Carribbean Connection

Piercing Apprentice: Amanda

Hey! My name is Amanda and I am a piercing apprentice here at Carribbean Connection. I have wanted to become a professional piercer for 15 years and feel extremely lucky to have gotten this opportunity.

My goal is to apply my knowledge from my years of being a surgical assistant to creating beautiful works of art through body modification.

In my spare time I truly enjoy just hanging out at home with my family.

Fine Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry Selection

All our high-end body Jewelry vendors blend moderntechnology with committed craftsmanship. Quality is important to us. All jewelry is meticulously hand-crafted , precision machined and hand polished in the USA! All materials are implant grade and maintain precise specifications. Browse ourselection online or visit our shop in Jax Beach. We welcome special, custom made orders and all of our jewelry is guaranteed for life against any potential manufacturing defects.

Gift Certificates are available for piercing services in any denomination.

Pricing & Guides

Piercing Pricing

We provide one of the largest selections of quality body jewelry in North Florida. Our piercing pricing is fair and competitive.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Speak with one of our piercers today about getting a unique or custom piercing.

Get A Piercing
$60 $60 cont. $70 $100
Nostril Rook Septum Nipples
Navel Earlobes Industrial Genitals
Helix Eyebrow Tongue
Tragus Lip Bridge
Daith Monroe

Common Ear Piercings

Refer to the Ear Piercing Guide pictured here to get a general idea about the most common ear piercing locations.

We do custom locations too! Speak with one of our piercers today about getting a unique or custom piercing.

Jewelry Sizing

Body jewelry is measured by its gauge and length. The gauge refers to the thickness of the body jewelry and the length refers to how long the body jewelry is or its diameter. For plugs, the length refers to its “wearable surface”. Please review the chart below to see the points of measurement for the most common types of body jewelry.


Proper care after your piercing is of the utmost importance to avoid infection. With these handy, printable guides, you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to handle your new piercing with care.

Suggested Aftercare Guidelines for Oral Piercings

Policies & Procedures

Minors Policy

Anyone under the age of 18 must have completed a Piercing Waiver Form as well as a Piercing Notary Form authorized by a certified notary.

The minor is required to show a photo ID with name and date of birth. The minor’s parent/legal guardian is also required to show identification. The parent/legal guardian is required to be present at the time of the piercing if the minor is 15 years or younger.

Age Restrictions:

• You must be 9 years or older for earlobe piercings.

• You must be 14 years or older for the following piercings: navel, tongue, tragus, cartilage, lip, labret, and eyebrow.

• You must be 18 years or older for nipple or genital piercings.

Piercing Notary Form

Closest Notary:

The UPS Store | 3948 3rd Street S, Jacksonville, Beach FL 32250

Initial Notary Fee: $10 ($5 for each additional at time of service)

A consent form is required for every piercing that is done as well as a valid state ID. You can fill out our digital form by clicking the button below. A valid state ID must still be presented at the time of the piercing.

Complete Required Consent Form

Hours and Scheduling

Our piercing hours are listed below:

We are currently piercing by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled up until 6:30pm.

• Monday: 12 pm - 7 pm
• Tuesday: Closed
• Wednesday - Sunday: 12 pm - 7pm

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Tipping is not required but greatly appreciated by the piercers!

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