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Roller Skating Resurgence

Roller Skating Resurgence

Self-expression has been at the heart of Carribbean Connection for decades. One great way to express yourself, get healthy, and be happier may just be with your next purchase of chic and groovy roller skates. This trendy sport is not only back but gaining more momentum than ever before. The pandemic prompted the rise of new hobbies and interests that can be pursued at home, and in part the revival of roller skating. Here are a few reasons why your next purchase of skates from us makes perfect sense!  

We all know that keeping our bodies healthy is important, but we also have to keep our minds healthy too. Skating can help clear the mind, minimize stress, help reduce bad hormones, and even increase endorphins (the happy hormones;) in the body.

Roller skating will make you happy and if skating with friends – even more fun!

Impala Skates with Friends 1


Another important factor is both indoor and outdoor skating are great ways to burn calories. According to experts skating can burn up to 400 calories an hour, and in-line skating up to 600. As a cardiovascular activity it can also help get your heart in shape, with 30 minutes of roller skating raising your heart rate to 148 beats per minute. This can result in weight loss and other amazing benefits.

Roller skating is an all-body workout as it works most muscle groups, including glutes, calves, and abs. Overall, this cool and fun sport will help tone your entire body. Running and walking can wreak havoc on joints, especially the knees, but roller skating is different. Skating is low impact and can be a great aerobic alternative for those with joint issues. Not-to-mention those other things can become boring when done over and over, but with skating - we are confident - you won’t get bored.

While roller skating has been around for a very long time, and new and experienced skaters are interested in making themselves look stylish during a skate session. In fact, the skates we sell are Impala, a company that not only focuses on giving back, and made from vegan products, they are considered some of the most trendy and stylish skates on the market today. 

IMPALA X MARAWA - Rose Gold Roller Skates

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Don't be surprised if you start noticing more and more people of all age’s roller skating down the sidewalk (perhaps even while doing some fun dance moves). The hobby once associated with kids is now a trend for adults as well. There’s no doubt that roller skating is experiencing a groovy mainstream resurgence! Have fun, get fit and forget your worries and if you haven't already started – now's the time!

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