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Permanent Jewelry

Grab your mom or bestie to get a custom fit chain!

We use a welder for an easy and painless attachment process. Instead of using a clasp, we use a jump ring to connect and weld the two ends of the chain, turning it into a “permanent” piece of jewelry.

14k Gold Bracelets up to 6.5” starting at $120 & up.

Ankelets up to 9.5” starting at  $180 & up

Additional lengths will be priced by the inch.

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What is "Permanent Jewelry"?

We custom fit a chain to your wrist or ankle.  We then use a welder for an easy and painless attachment process.  Instead of using a clasp, we use a jump ring to connect and weld the two ends of the chain, turning it into a “permanent” piece of jewelry.

Does it hurt?

No pain is involved.  All you will feel is the joy of having your new piece of permanent jewelry.

Do I need an appointment to get zapped?

We strongly suggest that you book an appointment through our website (, but walk-ins are welcome.  Clients with appointments will be helped first.

How long does it take?

Each appointment is booked for 10 minutes.  This appointment time allows for the entire process of choosing your chain and the welding of your new permanent jewelry.

What materials do you use?

We offer solid 14K gold in yellow and white.

What if I need to remove my jewelry?

You can simply cut the jump ring with nail clippers or sharp scissors.  Save it all is a safe place to be re-welded at another time.

What if I have to have an x-ray, MRI, or surgery?

We recommend that you speak with your doctor and ask if it is necessary to remove your permanent jewelry.

If you are required to remove your permanent jewelry, simply cut at the jump ring, and store everything, including the jump ring in a zip-lock bag.  Come back with everything once your procedure is over to get it re-welded back on.

Do you offer repairs and/or adjustments?

Repairs and re-welds not due to medical reasons can be done at a cost of $20 per piece.

What happens if it breaks or gets lost?

We ensure your piece is fully welded on you and there are no issues with the chain on the day of your appointment.

If enough pressure is applied to the chain or it gets caught on something, the chain will break.  The chain is not indestructible.

Get in touch with us if you need a repair.  We will inspect the chain before re-welding it on to you to make sure there are no issues with the chain.  Most repairs are $10, but if the integrity of the chain has been compromised or if it has overstretched then you will need to purchase a new chain.

We do NOT offer replacements for broken or lost pieces.  If your piece is lost, you will need to purchase a replacement.

What if I change my mind after getting zapped?

All sales are final, once we custom fit, cut the chain to size and weld it.

Care & Warranty

Permanent Jewelry Care and Warranty

Avoid excessive perfumes, lotions, and other chemicals.

Clean and dry carefully after swimming.

Changes in body chemistry (e.g. PH levels) can cause jewelry to change in color.

Clean with dish soap and a soft brush (like a toothbrush).

We will re-weld any piece for free for up to two weeks after your purchase.

If you need to remove your permanent jewelry for testing or surgery, simply do so with a pair of clippers at the jump ring.  Keep your chain, and we will re-weld it at no charge.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for misplaced or broken chains, or any allergic reaction to metals.

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